As a child, I would entertain myself for hours CREATING things, anything. Barbie needed a ski bag? Well, not any more. I made one that would hold her boots and poles, too. Neighborhood friends were hungry? I made a picnic and invited the whole block. Dollie needed a new house? Been there and done that, with real shingles, carpet, and wallpaper. After all, it was the 80’s and wallpaper was SO in.

Besides the items I made for my own pleasure, I would create items ‘for sale’…mini hand-painted boxes, pottery, jewelry, paintings, etc. I would take all my wares in tow (thanks radio flyer!) and go door to door convincing the neighbors they needed tiny boxes and pictures painted by a 9 year-old.

As I have grown, my desire to CREATE has grown. Put me to a task and I will work at it until it is completed. Put my team to a task and I will drive them to exceed expectations.